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Bright Forest

This image of a forest and a lone tree in the foreground characterizes a view of life: "we the individual - like this tree - stand alone in birth, life and death." But look again and you'll see that behind and all around us is a forest of our peers, supporting us, empathizing with us.

Artistic/Technical notes: This image was a very late fall digital photograph from some distance with a telephoto lens.  I took many shots of this setting, and chose this one to "age" with sepia tone, film grain and deep-background texture.  At full size the image has a distinct archival look, as from early photography.

As hoped for, this printed image displays well in smaller sizes, and in larger sizes such as 19"x13," as I have in my home.

(Click here or on the image for a larger view or to consider a print or download purchase.)

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