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Sage Hall in Silhouette

This image records an interesting near-silhouette view of Sage Hall, Cornell University, mid-morning sunlight. Sage Hall is a beautiful building regardless of photographic/artistic approach.

Artistic/Technical notes: high-quality silhouette photographs are attractive, but difficult for the photographer to capture.  While a "basic" silhouette (pure black against a background) can be easily captured, exposing so a very subtle amount of the object's color and structure can be seen, while retaining the sunburst or sky background, is quite difficult to do.

To accomplish this, the object was captured with multiple different-exposure shots using HDR (high-dynamic-range) techniques.  In the end, nine separate shots, varying in exposure time, were taken and later merged to create this image.

(Click here or on the image for a larger view or to consider a print or download purchase.)

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