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Stained Glass Tree

This tree began its artistic journey standing in an old orchard as it has done for years.  While a beautiful tree with full foliage, its personality really shines in the winter because of its incredible complexity of branches and twigs.

When I shot this photo I thought the tracks in the snow of children sledding in the park established a certain "brittle texture" to the image.  This gave me the idea to turn the tree into a tinkling display of stained glass shards between the branches and twigs.

Artistic/Technical notes: I modified this image significantly in Photoshop to bring out its "crisp" nature.  I then added a digital treatment to provide the multi-colored "stained glass" presentations between the branches of the subject tree and other trees in the background.

This image is displayed in my home at a framed size of about 25"x20", and never fails to get comments from our guests.

(Click here or on the image for a larger view or to consider a print or download purchase.)

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